Three Important Factors to Consider when Planning a Custom Plastic Injection Molding Project

Projects that involve custom plastic injection molding are not simple. It is important to as specific as possible because you convey the projects to the manufacturer. This way they can give you an accurate quote and a reasonable timeline. When planning your plastic molding project, you must consider some factors that you will discuss with your manufacturing team. These factors include the following:


Your project’s cost varies depending on the amount of homework you have done and other factors. The following affect the cost of your project:

  • Project design. When designing your project, you may need to create a prototype. But, you can also have the design in a digital format if you don’t want to make a prototype. Try to be as production-ready as possible when approaching your manufacturer to increase your chances of lowering your cost. Get more related information at.
  • Material. What material are you planning to use for your project? Are you looking for ways to reduce your expenses? If so, you must tell your manufacturer that you want to use the lowest cost polymer that can produce a quality product.

  • Texture and color. These elements can influence the cost. For instance, color can get costly when you want the finished product to have a glossy finish. While the kind of texture you want your product to have can drive up prices, there are many options to reduce the cost.

Materials to Use

As you decide on the material to use for your project, think about necessity and preference. There is no point in choosing the cheaper option since it often presents the risk of damage during production or after you get the final product. Product recalls are costly and cost your business both money and reputation.

To avoid costly errors, it is important to thoroughly test for maximum service temperature, environmental impacts, and stress. Talk to your manufacturer about these and try to give them such freedom instead of depending only on datasheets.


A bigger production run requires more investment in the materials. But, this can also help you save in the end because the decreased cost associated with manufacturing in bulk can negate the material cost. Talk to your manufacturer to identify the right time to increase your production size.

Furthermore, plastic molding has time constraints based on factors such as the production size, the quality of the end product, and the level of detail.  Thus, you must determine how quickly do you need the final product and discuss this with your manufacturer.

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